Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Taking my Planner on the Road
I love my notepad calendar for its versatility. Some days, it's a glorified tablet, holding my to-do list along with scattered thoughts and notations added as the day progresses. On busy weeks, these pages stack up, especially when the remnants of the previous day's to-do list are too long to recopy onto the present day.

The thing is, it serves me well -- as long as I use it. Like any other tool, it serves me only as well as I serve it. When I use it according to the plan I've set up, taking time on Sunday to jot down the appointments for the upcoming week on their respective days, things run a bit more smoothly. Doing this allows me to assign times to my action items each day so I actually take action.

Do you have a planner you love? How do you use it? Today, at, I'm hosting a "Show Us Your Planner!" post. The brainchild of the fabulous Barb Szyszkiewicz (who shows us her planner here), this feature gives you a chance to strut your planner's stuff (if you're proud) or get great ideas from someone else (if you're cowering at the very mention of the word planner).

I hope you'll check it out here -- and Show Us Your Planner!

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