Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I have a confession to make.

I'm a container collector.

When I see a container I like, I have to buy it.

I've actually gotten much better about this. I've reached the point where I can "just browse" the containers at my local Target without feeling the overpowering need to adopt all the cute ones.

But unique containers? My downfall.

The tried and true in a pretty pattern? Send help.

Often, this comes in handy. When I am reorganizing a space and I need a container, I usually have one in my basement. No need for delayed gratification or an outlay of cash. A simple trip down a flop isn't of stairs usually nets me just what I need.

Interestingly, this little habit developed when I began teaching about organization. In search of examples to show my students and use for monthly giveaways, I started checking dollar stores, dollar bins, clearance racks and office supply stores for goodies. It was so much fun that I kept searching even after I had what I needed. Eventually, When I was in search of something particular, I branched out, expanding my search to home decor stores. You know - the expensive stuff.
I'm happy to report that since I no longer run monthly giveaways for fifth graders, I've weaned myself
away from buying (most) containers in multiples. And, since I began thinking in terms of styles, I've learned to walk away from anything that's not a good fit for my I need to see it personal style or my drop and run organizational style. Having learned the hard way that choosing an "off-style" container creates more work in the long run, I reluctantly leave containers on store shelves, no matter how pretty they are, or how great a bargain they may be.

But that stash in my basement?

It's not going anywhere. At least not until I'm convinced it's going to a good home.

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