Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Making it Better

GraphicMama-team via Pixabay
Last week, one of the many viruses wending its way through Pennsylvania landed at our house. While an upper respiratory infection usually leaves me tired, sniffly and at least a little crabby, I can still manage to fake my way through most of my daily responsibilities.

Not this time.

I faked it for the first day or so, but, after that, I did only the bare minimum. One peek at any room of my house served as clear evidence for this illness-inspired turn of events.

Unfortunately, this malady was not only slow to exit, but it took my husband down with it along the way. Lacking both the time and the energy to do much more than take antibacterial wipes to doorknobs and light switches, I needed a plan that would make inroads -- or at least stem the tide -- without requiring energy I didn't yet have.

Enter "make it better."

Simple, efficient and progressive, this strategy dovetailed nicely with my wish for my health and my husband's. Cutting myself slack because I wasn't at 100% efficiency, I looked for any way to make any improvement anywhere. Slow progress, admittedly, but progress nevertheless. As a result, I not only stemmed the tide, but turned it back, a few simple actions yielding promising results and the nudge I needed to finish the job. Slowly but surely, I was making it better.

Today, when it came time to write my post for The Porch Swing Chronicles, I decided to apply my philosophy there as well because really, when you think about it, isn't that a worthy goal no matter the task?

Tomorrow, I'll break down "make it better" into the components that emerged. In the meantime, what can you "make better" today?

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