Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Doing the Dance of the Impossible

The file folder emblazoned with the same philosophy
as my notepad. Also a TDB purchase :-)
Into every life, some snow must fall, and that's exactly what's happening here as I type this. I'm always wildly optimistic about what I'll get done on a snow day, and then annoyed with myself when the reality is the relaxing, few-things-checked-off-the-list kind of day I not-so-secretly hoped for.

Counterproductive, you say? Well, you're right.

I have a notepad (one of my Target dollar bin buys) that says "Do The Impossible," which pretty much sums up my philosophy of life. My head knows this is, well, impossible, but my work ethic takes it as some sort of twisted challenge.

Lately, even doing the possible has been harder than usual. I'm getting things done, but seem to have inexplicably fallen back into the "go to bed too late/get up too early" cycle I'd begun to nip in the bud just a week or so ago. A week ago, I was getting up with the alarm (more or less), recapturing some of that morning time lost to slow starts, and now....


Daylight savings time.

It's not me. I am getting up at the same time. It's the time on the clock that's different.

So, where am I going with all of this? Snow days. Doing the impossible. Daylight savings time.

Just as organization is a process, so is life. We can establish routines, create lists and set goals -- and we should -- but we are not machines. Weather happens. People need us. Daylight savings time knocks us flat, messing up our plans and shortening our days until our bodies adjust.

So, we have to adjust, too. We have to be patient with ourselves, give it time, recognize that life cycles and everything is a process.

And it's only a matter of time until we're ready to tackle the impossible once again.

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