Thursday, January 5, 2017

3 Keys Thursday: 3 New Ways to Look at Tried-and-True Clothing Organizers

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Nothing like ending one day's post with a promise for more to inspire me to tackle my closet.

Actually, it was the unfinished nature of my organizational decisions, combined with some unexpected time to myself that got me going. That, and a little more time on Pinterest.

So, clearly, I can't take full credit for today's ideas. Inspired by this pin that I posted to my "Shoe Organizers: Not Just for Shoes" board last week, I set out to tame my leggings (easy -- I don't have that many) and their matching sweaters significantly more challenging). Along the way, I tried (and discovered) some ways to repurpose organizers to solve the organizational issues I was facing.
For leggings: A hanging, see-through shoe organizer. This is the pin that started it all. Unfortunately, most of the closets at my house have bifold doors, so I don't have anywhere to hang these wondrous problem-solvers. I thought about going to the dollar store to see if I could find the smaller ones meant for kids' closets, but in the meantime, we took our weekly trip to Target and I found this....

For leggings: A scarf holder. Since I (currently) have fewer than a dozen pairs of leggings, the lovely collection of circles at right allows me to store my leggings with my hanging clothes, while also staggering them so the holder doesn't get too bulky and take up too much hanging space.

Photo: Ask Anna

For sweaters: A shoe bin. Not only did this idea (left) solve my sweater storage problem, but it also allowed me to utilize the shoe bin we bought for my daughter for college -- the one that came home with us because she didn't have room for it. This idea works better for thin sweaters than their bulkier wintry counterparts, but it allowed me to get my burgeoning sweater collection under control. Well, that and the one in, one out rule. (When you buy something new, get rid of something old).

If you're on Pinterest, check out my boards. I'm working on updating the one on Organization Posts so you can find all of my posts from this blog on Pinterest as well, but I'm always adding to my boards on office spaces, closets and drawers, and organization in general, and creating new boards as I find new pins.

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