Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bless This Mess

I'm sitting at my half-messy desk in my home office typing this as the sun shines over my shoulder through the vertical blinds next to my desk. On a Wednesday afternoon. Not exactly breaking news, but a lot of good things in those two sentences.

My half-messy desk is half-messy because my new desk lamp arrived today and I cleared a swath of space for it. The bulb in the old one burned out a few weeks ago and I've been making do with overhead lighting (which I hate) and natural light (which is in short supply in November during the hours I'm at home) until I found the time to do the dismantling of the lamp necessary to access the bulb (which then had to be purchased). In the interim, I mostly worked in other spots in the house, and got a little more excited than most people would about actually getting a new desk lamp. So, when I ordered the replacement bulb from Amazon, I also ordered a new lamp. Guess which got here first?

The other things that are good in those two sentences include sunshine, actual November temperatures with no wind (okay, I added that one) and being at home with no deadlines on a Wednesday afternoon. My daughter was here for most of the day, too, and on top of that, I got good news this morning. There's soup simmering on the stove, which means I have time to write another blog and clear the rest of my desk without worrying about making dinner. I might even get back to my novel before my husband comes home from work.

Today, my house is not perfect. My desk is not perfect, nor are the other flat surfaces in my office. But, my life, in this imperfect little house with evidence throughout of the organizationally imperfect drop-and-run/I love stuff/I need to see it/I know I put it somewhere people who live here feels pretty good.

And that's a lot to be thankful for.

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