Thursday, November 3, 2016

3 Keys Thursday: 3 Organizational Tools I Should Never Be Without

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Yesterday, I wrote about my very bad plan of not using the organizational systems I had in place. Really, the only thing at the root of this was laziness, but, in thinking more about it, I realized that being unprepared can also pose a significant stumbling block.

I really don't need anything fancy, but there are a few key items on which I depend:

A writing implement: If I'm unable to write things down, I'm in trouble. Sure, I usually have my phone, but, when it comes to keeping track of appointments and to-dos, I'm more of a paper-and-pencil girl. While not having the right pen can be an issue, not having one at all is a recipe for disaster.

My steno notebook. This semester, I began using a steno notebook to keep track of everything I need to do for my classes. The layout is perfect for my I need to see it personal style and it allows me to focus on one list at a time.

My phone. Today, I came home for lunch, and while I was there, changed bags. I was on my way back to work before I realized that my phone was in the bag I'd used in the morning. Hardly a disaster, especially since I don't use it to keep track of tasks. But, I do use it to keep in touch with my family, check my email, see what time it is (I rarely wear a watch) and pay for my end-of-the-workday Starbucks. Even though I don't need my phone for organization per se, having it helps me feel more connected and, therefore, more in charge of my day.

How about you? What three tools do you depend on?

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