Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Creating My Reference Spot

I've often heard professional organizers suggest
using tabbed binders for all family information.
It's a great idea, but not a fit for my styles.
Photo via Pixabay
Two weeks ago, I wrote about three keys for getting organized for the school year. I also promised to talk a little more about managing the reference spot, a.k.a. the place to store all that stuff that comes home to stay (but you can't get rid of) in a future post. But, last week, I got sidetracked by helping to manage my daughter's transition to college, and ended up writing about that instead.

This week, after getting her dropped off and settled in, I'll be putting together my own reference spot because, even though she's in college, there's information I want/need to keep available. And, since this is a whole new experience for our family, having easy access to information isn't just about organization; it's about mental peace as well.

I'll be the primary user, so I'll set it up based on my styles and preferences. This puts me in a position to be the disseminator of information rather than the facilitator, but I'm okay with that. My husband's styles are different from mine, and he'll filter the info as it comes in and store it in his own way, while my daughter will be gathering and storing the information she needs from her remote (to us) location. We'll be like three nutty squirrels stashing nuts in our own trees.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Because I've been gathering information for close to a year, the bare bones are already in place, and my system just needs a little fine tuning. The open-top file that initially housed pertinent information for all the schools she was applying to has been cleared and transformed to the home for all information from her chosen school. Initially, that was sufficient, but preparing to get her from here to there while keeping track of everything in between has convinced me of the need for subfolders. Those are at the top of my list of "Keep busy, Mom" projects as I adjust to our now empty nest.

Tomorrow I'll tackle three key questions to ask yourself as you set up your own reference spot. And, to make sure I keep that promise, I'm writing that post.

Right now.

Files like this work better for my I need to see it style
than more traditional options do.
The mesh pockets in front hold the small notebook
we took to orientation as well as key brochures.
Photo: Thirty One Gifts 

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