Wednesday, January 17, 2018

18 Things to Try in 2018

The semester has started, the play I'm in has not ended and the list of things to do over break still has a few items remaining. With all of this overlap in projects and preparations, I'm not feeling the organizing vibe. But, when I look around, I definitely see progress when I compare this year to last year. (I also see two fully decorated Christmas trees that need to be taken down, but that's another story).

Since it's still January, the month of resolutions, I thought I'd suggest a few things to try this year so that this time next year, you can look at an imperfect, lived-in space and smile at the progress you've made. No need to be a perfectionist and try all eighteen -- just choose a couple that speak to you.

And, by all means, do #9 and #18.

 1. Embrace your styles.
 2. Don't put it down, put it away.
 3. Find a solution to one problem area.
 4. Clean out one closet.
 5. Get rid of 365 things. Too many? How about 52 -- that's just one a week.
 6. Buy a planner you really love and use it.
 7. Use small chunks of time to clean up small spaces or make progress in larger ones.
 8. Resolve to spend an hour a week making progress on a large space, like a garage, basement or attic.
 9. Do something fun just for you.
10. Declare one hour each week "organizing time" and use it to tackle all the nagging little projects you never quite get to.
11. Make one area of your house -- a counter, a shelf, a desktop -- both organized and attractive.
12. Resolve to keep one surface clutter-free.
13. Assign homes to three important items you waste time searching for.
14. Splurge on one container that really fits your styles.
15. Find the perfect purse or work bag.
16. Make a packing or grocery list template.
17. Find permanent homes for ten homeless items.
18. Be patient with yourself. Organizing is, after all, a process.

Other ideas? Goals of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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