Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Almost Together

Do you have one of those rooms? One that you love but...?

My office is one of those rooms. Small (cozy) and well-equipped (mostly), it nevertheless seems to be out of order more often than in order. Because I work in not just one, but two paper intensive professions, I always have more papers than room to store them. Couple that with an I need to see it style and it's not exactly a recipe for stellar organization.

Over time and with practice, many sections of the office have been whipped into shape, but the one thing that consistently eludes me is a spot for my projects in progress. So far, I've found a succession of things that don't work. File cabinets. Binders. Electronic files. All of these ideas work against my natural style, making them a good fit for someone, but not me.

Currently, I'm looking for the perfect container. I know what I want, but space constraints are making it a challenge. I'm tempted to ditch the two-drawer file cabinet altogether and set up a brand new system, but first, I need to be convinced that there isn't a simpler way. And, I have to figure out what to do with the two-drawer file.

No matter how much we work at it, some areas of our homes seem to defy organization. Consequently, they require more persistence, often in the form of eliminating things that don't work as well as seeking out those that do. But, in the end, when we find that thing that does work, the room we love but becomes a room we simply love.

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