Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Tools of Balance

Two of my favorite tools.
Clearly the notebook is well-loved.
Today on the Porch Swing Chronicles, I wrote about my struggle to balance my writing time with my other life responsibilities. As I was writing that post, I got to thinking about the tools I use to make this balance easier. While having the right tools doesn't translate into automatic balance, it takes me one step closer. 

From my writing calendar to my book bible to my choice of folders, each tool has its purpose. Remember that perfect calendar I found in the dollar bins at Target? I use it to keep track of time spent writing, amount of time spent on freelance projects and a variety of other writing-related items that pop up and need to be in a central location. This morning, my page-a-day calendar provided me with some blog inspiration, so I tucked it into my calendar so I'd know where to find it when I need it.

And that book bible? It's where I keep track of what happens in each chapter of my novel as it progresses so that when days (or weeks) go by without me providing my characters with new adventures, it's easier to remember where I was the last time they were telling me what to do. For writers who write from a synopsis, a book bible might simply be a place to capture details they don't want to forget, like the color of a minor character's eyes or the name of that coffee shop where the cute guys hang out.

Do you have a hobby or dream you want to spend more time on? Are you an I love to be busy person, or maybe just busy? What tools do you use to manage the process and maintain your balance when life threatens to bowl you over? Tomorrow I'll share some more of my tools and the purposes they serve. 

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