Thursday, October 6, 2016

3 Keys Thursday: 3 Closet Habits that Lead to Chaos

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After writing yesterday's post, I was hoping today's would be somewhere along the lines of "three things that are working in my closet," so I opened my closet door and looked inside.

There are definitely things that are working, but I'm not sure they're going to stay the same. Although the containers are working, thanks to the fact that they're style-specific, I can't swear that after I start taking things apart, the same things will end up in the same places. Consequently, it feels dishonest to call them "successes" at this stage of the game.

Still stumped, I went back to an old post -- one from May 2015 -- and re-read an amusing Buzz Feed article I'd shared. It was still amusing, and, better yet, I found three things that explain why I don't dread opening the door to my closet. Choosing not to engage in these habits promises to make even the most intimidating closet overhaul a little less challenging.

Tossing. Your mother was right -- clothes don't belong on the floor. Clothes on the floor of the closet are a sign that something's not working. Maybe you need a system, maybe you need a drop spot (even just a laundry basket on the floor of the closet), or maybe you just need more hangers. Find the "why" behind this shortcut that's really not a shortcut and let it lead you to a solution.

Stuffing. Shoving too many clothes into one drawer or bin or onto one hanger leads to wrinkles and confusion -- perhaps for you as well as your clothes. Decide whether to hang or fold (crush, stuff or otherwise spindle or mutilate should not be an option) and store accordingly. If a rod, drawer or bin becomes too full, it's time to reassess and either let some things go or shake up your storage system.

Allowing a big space to go undivided. Closet shelves are a blessing and a curse. That nice long one that runs the width of the closet (in particular) is an invitation to piles and inefficiency if you don't subdivide it. Use bins, boxes or shelf dividers to create sections to store whatever you decide belongs there.

I took one baby step toward my closet reorganization today, moving some tee shirts into an empty drawer and recapturing some closet rod space in the process. I still have miles to go, but knowing I don't have to start by clearing the floor or subdividing the long shelf (already outfitted with bins)  helps a little bit.

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