Thursday, September 22, 2016

3 Keys Thursday: 3 of My Favorite (Free) Things to Repurpose

Dodgerton Skillhause via Morguefile
One of the best ways to try new organizers is to get them for free. That way, if they don't work, you've lost nothing.

Here are a few of my favorite freebies that pull double duty as organizers.

The stuff that linens come in. Whether it's a fabric drawstring bag or a plastic zippered pouch, the containers that protect sheets, blankets and comforters on store shelves make great storage after you get them home. I use the drawstring bags to pack shoes in my suitcase and the zippered pouches to store out-of-season linens or to pack linens when I travel.

Toilet paper rolls. This one I stole directly from Pinterest, where I saw toilet paper rolls decorated with washi tape used as storage for charging cords. Not only do I like using them to corral the cords for my phone, my iPad and my Kindle, but I have fun decorating them, too.

Pretty boxes. Okay, so I've bought a few of these, and they don't come cheap. So, when a pretty gift comes in a pretty box, I hang on to the box for future use. Some of them get stashed in drawers and used to keep small items separate and safe, while others (especially the larger ones) serve both a decorative and organizational purpose.

Matching containers to styles can be challenging, Why not take advantage of a free trial offer?

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