Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Write it Down!

The full-to-overflowing schedule that flooded the end of May at my house has continued to pour into June. Yesterday morning, I woke up with lists scrolling through my head, so I did the only thing I could do.

I wrote everything down.

Then I tackled my email, and the list grew longer.

As an I need to see it person, I have a love-hate relationship with lists. Because I need to see things, I love dumping "stuff" out of my head and onto paper -- to a point. If the lists get too long, however, I start to get overwhelmed and I need to subdivide. As I wrote yesterday, some of that subdivision came naturally as I indented bullet points beneath topics that had more than one thing to do beneath them.

Does your list-making reflect your styles, or do you have a different style altogether when it comes to making lists?

  • If your personal style is I need to see it, do you subdivide and color-code for visual efficiency?
  • If you're a cram and jammer, do you cram as much as possible onto one page?
  • If you're a drop and run organizer, do you make your list, set it down and forget about it, only to return to it later?
  • If you have an I love stuff personal style, do you need to find just the right paper before you can write anything down?
  • If you're an I know I put it somewhere organizer, do your lists go missing because you put them in a "safe place"?
  • If you have an I love to be busy personal style, are you as efficient with your lists as you are with your time?
In my case, my list-making does reflect my styles. I've already revealed my I need to see it tendencies, and I do, indeed drop my list and run, only to return to it later on. Fortunately, the mere process of writing it down reminds me of the things I need to tackle, so when I return to my list, I've typically made some progress, even if I was in one place and it was in another.

Whether your list-making style mimics your personal and/or organizational styles or deviates from them isn't what matters. What matters is whether or not your list-making works for you. With lists, as with all other aspects of organizing, one size does not fit all. 

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