Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Who? Me? Organized?

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Sometimes, I feel dishonest writing a blog that focuses on organization. One quick glance around my house -- especially now -- makes it clear that I don't have this organization thing licked. Life takes over and so does the stuff, and many days, I cringe at the thought of someone coming to my house unannounced.

But then I remember: that's why I write this blog.

Sure, there are plenty of professional organizers out there and I'm sure their homes look better than mine does. But, when I read what they say about organizing, much of it doesn't work for me. I know the "rules" and I realize that many of them make sense. And, while there's much to be said for creating new habits and using standard tools, most people who struggle with organization have already tried that path. I know I have.

I really believe in what I write about. Furthermore, I've seen it work. I've seen kids' faces light up when they realize they're not broken because they don't do well with binders and pocket folders. I've watched adults relax and even smile at the idea that what they do naturally could actually be the plan they've been seeking, and I've heard the confessions of many people just like me who are relieved to know that file cabinets and neatly tabbed folders don't work for everyone. I've seen -- and experienced -- firsthand what a difference an accordion folder can make.

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As long as I know I'm on the right path, I need to remind myself that every path has obstacles, and that the Easy Upkeep part of  STYLE comes only after I've completed the four steps that precede it. Right now, I'm living on the T (Take Small Steps), determined to practice the Y (Yes, it has a home) and as much L (Let it go!) as I can muster, because the alternative is to stuff it all in a bin so things look pretty and I know from experience that that backfires. Every time.

So, until I'm prepared to take an entire day and forgo writing my novel, catching up on my reading and all the other things on my "between semesters" list, progress will be slow. But, as long as I'm chipping away at my collected stuff in pursuit of Easy Upkeep, I know that what lies at the end of the path will be worth all the work, because a system that works makes life so much easier.

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