Saturday, August 1, 2015

Organization Extra: Organization for Teachers: Not Just Binders Any More

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On Thursday, I went onto campus and spent about an hour in my office checking emails and making to-do lists. My friends who teach have begun making forays back into their classrooms, preparing for the school year ahead. Some of them never really left.

So, in their honor, I'm sharing a great Buzzfeed post about organization ideas for teachers. Most are designed for elementary school teachers, but many will transfer to secondary and post-secondary staff, as well as parents, or anyone looking for ways to keep paper, pens and the like neat and corralled.

As for me, I'm going into my basement to retrieve what I need to make #19 a reality in my campus office.


  1. I still want to do that clipboard system. There's no place for it in my living-room "corner office" but I'm toying with taking over the Kid's old bedroom (which would double as a guest bedroom once we clean it out). I could hang clipboards in there. I should brainstorm the topics I'd need clipboards for...

  2. I have hanging pockets on a pegboard in my office -- pretty sure that was inspired by you and your clipboard system. I love them!