Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tangled -- And Not in a Good Way

I came back from the beach with one of my necklaces in knots. I'd packed it in a pouch, a method that's worked just fine on previous trips, but was a disaster this time around. After two unsuccessful (but brief) de-tangling sessions, I set it aside, knowing I'd have to work at this a little bit at a time, and in the meantime, I'd need to choose a different necklace.

I can't do much about my packing fiasco now, but I can make sure it doesn't happen again. This morning, I searched online for packing tips for jewelry, and came across this great blog, which I thought I'd share today so perhaps I can save someone else from making the same mistake I did.

For the I know I put it somewhere organizer
(I used decorated toilet paper rolls to store my electronics chargers -- inside the cardboard).

For the cram and jammer
(works for rings and earrings, but not for necklaces with fine chains)

For the I need to see it personal style
(I think I prefer her pill box idea, though).

The one I wish I'd tried.

All photos in this blog courtesy of Pinterest, via Travel Fashion Girl.
(I know what my next Pinterest board is going to be).

See you tomorrow for 3 Keys Thursday...unless I'm still untangling my necklace.

Photo: DodgertonSkillhause via Morguefile

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