Saturday, June 20, 2015

Organization Extra: How to Store Plastic Grocery Bags

Last night, we made our usual Friday foray into the aisles of Target. I'd meant to bring our reusable canvas bags, but left the house without them (again). After rummaging around in the back of his car, my husband managed to come up with one crumpled reusable bag. Hey, it's better than nothing.

Unfortunately, since we were away last week, we bought more than usual last night. Add that to our one, sad bag and a clerk who was less than efficient when it came to packing, and we ended up with quite the collection of plastic bags.

And so later last evening, when I found a blog about how to store plastic bags, I was intrigued. A little more reading led me to an entire page on Pinterest on this same topic, with lots of pretty, crafty, do-it-yourself options.
In the end, I defaulted to a style I rarely employ, but have been using in this situation for years: cram and jam. As it turns out, I don't need to see my stash of plastic grocery bags, and I have zero inclination to fold them into little flags or wind them around each other so I can neatly pull them out of a repurposed plastic container.
Instead, I owe my plastic bag solution to a television show that predates Pinterest by decades. Years ago, on a show called Homeworks, decorator/host Lynette Jennings suggested repurposing an empty facial tissue box to hold plastic bags. I learned this tip more than 20 years ago, and I still use it today. While plastic bag flags may look prettier, they require more effort than I'm willing to apply to something that's most likely going to end up lining a trash can.

I guess there are a few things even an I need to see it organizer doesn't need to see.

How do you store your plastic grocery bags?

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