Personal and Organizational Styles Quiz

Personal and Organizational Styles Quiz

Mark each item below as true or false.
  1. You participate in so many activities that you have something to do nearly every night.
  2. The only way you remember to bring things with you is if you leave them out where you're likely to trip over them.
  3. Your closets are filled with things you no longer use and/or clothes you no longer wear, but can’t get rid of. 
  4. Your house looks neat, yet you have trouble finding what you need when you need it.
  5. Your papers -- even the important ones -- are often wrinkled and/or torn.
  6. The flat surfaces in your home tell the story of the activities you've done and the places you've been in the last few days.
  7. When given a pocket folder or three-ring binder, you may tuck your papers inside, but you don't usually put them in the pockets or the rings. 
  8. You can often find lost items by retracing your steps.
  9. You often feel bored when you have unscheduled time.
  10. You have more stuff than room to store it.
  11. You usually put things away, but often forget where you put them.
  12. You often forget things if you don't write them down.  
  13. Your bookshelves house:
a. anything and everything, as long as it fits.
b. overlapping sets of “collections.”
c. books in various stages of completion, stacked so that the titles are visible.
d. sports gear, sheet music or art supplies, but no books. 
e. piles of items, with a telltale trail from the door to the bookcase.

All finished? Now let's compare your answers to the key below. Every "true" is a clue:
  • Item #1 is true for I love to be busy.
  • Item #2 is true for I need to see it.
  • Item #3 is true for I love stuff.
  • Item #4 is true for I know I put it somewhere.
  • Item #5 is true for cram and jam.
  • Item #6 is true for drop and run.
  • Item #7 is true for cram and jam.
  • Item #8 is true for drop and run.
  • Item #9 is true for I love to be busy.
  • Item #10 is true for I love stuff.
  • Item # 11 is true for I need to see it and I know I put it somewhere.
  • Item #12: I need to see it organizers are likely to do this.
  • Item #13a: Cram and jam or I know I put it somewhere; 13b: I love stuff; 13c: I need to see it; 13d: I love to be busy; 13e: Drop and run

How'd you do? Do the quiz answers match your predictions and observations? For most people, clear patterns will emerge, and the answers will come as no surprise; what they've noticed about the way they organize matches their answers on the quiz.

Some people are “a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” At this point in the process, that's to be expected. Further observation, discussion and exploration will help you to determine predominant styles. And some people really are a mix of styles, but this can be a benefit.  An overlap can mean more strategies to work with! 

The most important thing to keep in mind right now is that there are no right or wrong answers on the quiz and that these styles are not personal or organizational flaws. Up to this point, the styles have been stumbling blocks. Moving forward, the goal will be to help you see your natural tendencies as assets rather than liabilities so you can use them as a blueprint for developing a workable, sustainable plan based on what comes naturally. 

For more on the personal styles, click here. For more on the organizational styles, click here.

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